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About Artist Qiu Shengxian

His Background :
“Mother and Son” and "Fuwa" (Chinese traditional image of happy kids) element painting style, he is a typical representative artist who integrates Chinese classic art perfectly with contemporary fashion art expression. He was born in 1955, in Jiangxi Province and was admitted into one of the famous art academies in China  -Jingdezhen Ceramic Institure in 1977  major in Sculpture. He received the best art education there and graduated in 1982.

He used to be :
Articles about Qiu Shengxian

Walk alone

- Branch Director of Chinese Artists
- Vice Chairman of  Chinese Arts Association
- Deputy Director of Sculpture Art Committee
- Secretary – General of Arts Alliance Association

Now he works in Shanghai and has his Studio in the famous Road M50 .

His Achievements :

Qiu Shengxian creates the special painting pattern  with “Mother and Son”and "Fuwa integration" element , which has become his famous signature . These achievements made through integration of Oriental classics with modern concepts have become one of the prominent features of Chinese Contemporary Art . It breaks all the boundaries set by the time and region , classic and fashion, the spiritual and material, the logics and the contraditions etc . It subverts the people’s inherent traditional concept and promotes the freedom of true art and doing everything . It shows the infinitely nobleness and greatness of human spirit .

His “mother and son’s bodies and Fuwa integration” element pattern truly touches our soul. The pure love element structure is unprecedented in Art history. It’s not only an aesthetic feeling, but also a vigilance to the true feelings of love and the values of life, subliming people’s spirits to the highest level. The huge influence of Qiu Shengxian’s initiative artworks deeply affects the international collector field.

Nowdays, Qiu Shengxian’s paintings are widely collected by the well-known corporations art organizations  and private collectors all over the world.

His Art Activities

Qiu 8th art exhibition award
8 th art exhibition award

2014 : Presentation - Conference in Saint Paul de Vence, France
2013 : Art solo Exhibition in Berlin
2012 : HongKong Art solo Exhibition
2011 : Shanghai art fair Qiu Sheng Xian solo Exhibition
2010 : Outstanding Art Shanghai Solo Exhibition
Shanghai Spring Art Salon
2010 : Barcelona's Contemporary Art Festival, “The Year Of Chinese Culture”, Nice,France
2009 : 13th Shanghai Art Fair
Shanghai Spring Art Salon
2008 : “Exhibition of Four Artists”, Florence, Italy
“Qiu Sheng Xian Solo Exhibition”, Outstanding Art Shanghai
Shanghai Spring Art Salon Solo Exhibition, All of his artworks were cellected by collectors
2007 : Beijing International Art Exposition
Shanghai Spring Art Salon Solo Exhibition, collected by Italy Contemporary Art Gallery
2006 : Artists Group Show, Duo Lan Fang Gallery, Duo Lun Road Art Museum, Shanghai
2005 : Solo Exhibiton at Shanghai J Gallery
2004 : Yan An Meeting National Art Exhibition
2003 : Shanghai First Spring Salon Solo Show, all the works were collected by European collectors and the Germany companies like Siemens

Previously he has won :

1) The 8th national art exhibition "Excellent Award",
2) "The star Awards"  of  the culture ministry,
3)  Beijing china Art Expositon , Shanghai first art fair "Excellent Award",
4)  A Silver Medal of Nanjing 19 cities Art Exhibition.

ARTEMIS Website : www.artamis.fr
Mail : diana.artamis@gmail.com

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